Teaching philosophy

Our philosophy

We are committed to guiding our students throughout their Master's and Ph.D. studies to help them reach their full potential.

As an ITI HiFunMat student you will design your own curriculum, gain rich experiences in both technical and soft skills, profit from a stimulating and rich academic environment, grow on a professional and on a personal level, and build your future career.

To accomplish this we offer you a training that is complementary your Master studies, that has a multidisciplinary character, and that your can taylor yourself by choosing from a wide variety of HiFuNmat labeled optional courses (EU à choix). The program consists of training on skills essential to materials science and common to all ‘HiFunMat’ research fields (chemistry, physics, biology and engineering), as well as on the acquisition of soft skills, such as presentation skills and collaboration skills.

Furthermore, because of the strong links between teaching and our research units and industrial partners, you will have gained a large scientific and industrial network at the end of your master or doctorate studies.

Finally, you will be guided by a mentor of your choosing to help you pick the right scientific courses in agreement with your professional career expectations. When needed, your mentor can also act as confidant, someone to help you for example setlle in your new student life and who is there to support and motivate you.

Rich and stimulating environment

The University of Strasbourg is the number 1 university in France to study chemistry and a top-10 university in the fields of materials science and physics (5th and 6th place respectively). The University ranks not only high in France, but is equally among the best universities of Europe, ranking 11th place for top European universities in chemistry.

The University has brought forth many Nobel laureates in medicine, physics and chemistry. Three of them are still active in Strasbourg : Jules Hoffmann (medicine), Jean-Marie Lehn (chemistry), Jean-Pierre Sauvage (Chemistry).

ITI HiFunMat is part of the Initiative of Excellence (IdEx) program, wich is a shared initiative between the University of Strasbourg (UNISTRA), the National center for scientific research (CNRS) and the National institute of health and medical research (Inserm). It combines multiple faculties (Univeristy of Strasbourg, University of Haute-Alsace), engineering schools (ECPM, ENSCMu), doctoral schools (ED182, ED222, ED269) and academic research facilities (ICS, ICPEES,IPCMS, LIMA, ICUBE, IPHC, 3Bio, LCAMB), together with industrial partners (Solvay, BASF, URGO, Total, Institut Carnot Mica, ... ). It is thus a cluster of Excellence and a graduate school. Because we are placed in such a rich academic environment, ITI HiFunMat students benefit directly from all the knowledge and opportunities that it has to offer.

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