Links with industry

ITI HiFunMat values its industrial partners. The institute engages in collaborations with industrial partners on R&D projetcts and are in close relationship with them to shape the Graduate School program to train young researchers that meet to the high standards in material science. Five compagnies participate in the Advisory board committee to evaluate the institute's activities and suggest changes to better fulfill the institues ambitions:

  • URGO, France (S. Auguste)
  • BASF, Germany (B. Bruchmann)
  • Total France (C. Vix)
  • Solvay (P. Maestro)

14 Compagnies have written letters of support for the ITI HiFunMat : AERIAL, Ariane Group, ARKEMA, BASF, BAYER, Essilor, IREPA LASER, L&L Products, PENTAIR, PRESTWICK CHEMICAL, SOPREMA, TARKETT, Total, URGO.

Joint laboratories

There are two research-industry joint laboratories in the HiFunMat consortium:

Start-up compagnies


Blackleaf is founded in 2020. Their mission is to make graphene affordable and enable the industry to reshape thousand of products with a greener and more efficient approach.

For more information, visit their website : Blackleaf

Zéphir Alsace

Zéphir Alsace is a start-up compagny that has been founded in 2009 by members of the IS2M. The compagny designs, manufactures and markets porous synthetic mineral materials of the extended Zeolite family.

For more information, visit their website : Zéphir Alsace

Spartha Medical

Spartha Medical created in 2019, by the Biomaterials and Bioengineering Laboratory (INSERM) with the support of SATT Conectus and SEMIA, develops multifonctional coatings that prevent device related infection and diminish inflammation of medical devices, without  declination of fonctional properties.

For more information, visit their website : Spartha Medical


Acrylian was founded in 2006, by members of the ICS. They develop, formulate and shape treatments and procedures for products based on hydrophobic acrylic materials for intraocular lenses.

For more information, visit their website : Acrylian

Institut Carnot MICA

Institute Carnot MICA is a public research structure that supports compagnies and laboratories in the developement of their R&D projects.  Their expertise ranges from fundamental research to industrial applications of functional materials, surfaces and interfaces and associated processes. They engage in industrial partnerships and ensure the transfer of knowledge.

Institute Carnot MICA collaborates with different national and regional institutions (SATT, competitiveness centers) and with the innovation agency of the Région Grand Est (Grand Enov) to elaborate a strategy complying with the regional development and innovation plan. They are involved in more than 1000 contracts/year (>20000 industrial contacts in total, corresponding to 13500 companies), mainly in the sector of transport, heath and sustainable environment.

For more information visit their website


Institut Carnot MICA supports ITI HiFunMat is several manners :

  • To ensure the transfer of technologies developed in our associated laboratories
  • To facilitate the development of new materials
  • To provide a gate-way to new industrial collaborations, by acting as a catalyst to advocate HiFunMat among its rich industrial network
  • As a member of the Outreach & Valorization Committee


Institut Carnot MICA will also intervene in the program of the Graduate School:

  • Its close relationship with industry is a main asset for HiFunMat to train students on industrial problems and to adapt lectures to market needs.
  • To put the students into contact with industry via high-quality scientific resourcing projects. About 12 projects are currently funded per year. These projects are open to Master students for a proof of concept that is often the first step toward a CIFRE PhD grant with an industrial partner.
  • For PhD students MICA organizes visits to the industrial R&D centers to build bridges with potential future employers.
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